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1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV Conversion Restoration

About The Lamborghini Miura Pictures

The pictures of the 1967 Verde Green Lamborghini Miura will vary slightly in color pending upon the visible light. The Miura has been photographed by two different Professional Photographers in order to capture the actual green color. All of the pictures of the Miura were taken before the car was entirely completed or ever detailed. The Professional Photographers even found it somewhat difficult to shoot and capture on camera the true green non-metallic color of the car. Flash bulbs can make the color look yellow and be over exposed. The actual images of the Miura Car on the site are Not Photo Shopped. The photos are cropped and some of the backgrounds are cleaned, but the actual images of the car are natural. The photos and images shown are a very accurate representation of the true green color of the Miura, Verde, aka Lime Green. Thank You for visiting the Web site.

** A 1969 Original Verde Green, Lamborghini Miura P400S, is currently for sale. The 1969 P400S engine was also upgraded by the now late Bob Wallace, Phoenix AZ which included many of Bob's personal revisions he developed after departing Lamborghini.

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The Lamborghini Miura Marks the Turning Point in Automotive History for Engineering and Design
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The Lamborghini Miura Super Car. For Almost 50 Years, Still One of The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built in The World
lamborghini miura photos
Perhaps The Finest 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400SV Conversion and Restoration in The World
verde lime green lamborghini miura photo
Miura SV Body Conversion, Restoration and Metal Fabrication Preformed by Cass Nawrocki MN,USA
lamborghini miura images
ALL Aluminum Front and Rear Body Sections As Original - NO Fiberglass - NO Plastic
green lamborghini miura
Engine and Power Train Revisions by Bob Wallace, former Development Test Car Driver for Lamborghini
lamborghini miura photos
Power Train Gears Lightened and Balanced are Cooled with an Independent Oiling System Separate From the Engine Oil
lamborghini miura pictures
Under-Carriage of the Miura Body and Engine are in Concours Condition
lamborghini miura images
New Black Leather Interior, Power Windows, Over Head Rocker Switch Console

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