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lamborghini miura p400

lamborghini miura p400

lime green lamborghini

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verde green lamborghini miura

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lamborghini miura p400

miura sv

green lamborghini miura

lamborghini miura p400

Miura Green Paint Color Codes
Verde, Verde Miura, Rio Green,
aka (lime green)

lamborghini miura sv

Lamborghini or Bertone did not keep very good records of the paint codes used on the Miura's in the beginning. In fact it was almost impossible to get any color matched paint from Lamborghini for the earlier damaged Miura's and many cars were just repainted, primarily red. PGP in Pittsburgh,PA USA supplied the then lacquer paint and Bertone had several different shades of green that they used on the Miura Cars. There was Verde, Verde Miura and Rio Green. Since the Lamborghini Miura was a special order car not everyone wanted the same green color either. The records on the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Chassis #3066, and in the picture show the Original Color is Verde Green. Not very many Miura's were Originally painted Green. According to Joe Sackey's book, the Paint Code records that Were Kept on the one hundred forty (140) Miura SV cars built, show Only Six (less then 5%) were painted Verde or Verde Miura, sometimes referred to as (lime green). Two were painted Rio Green, one British Green and one was a special ordered green color.

lamborghini miura sv

SV Conversion of The Front and Rear Suspension System

The rear suspension system is converted to the Lamborghini Miura SV suspension. New updated upper and lower Control Arms and Adjustable Coil-Over's with Koni Shocks are installed both front and rear. New Tires front and rear and two inch Wider Campegnolla SV Deep Rims are rear mounted improving the handling performance. All Brand New CV Joints are installed. The Trunk Compartment in the rear section is newly relined as Original. The Double-Insulated Rear Glass Window is Brand New. The Front Windshield, Driver and Passenger side Glass Windows are Brand New. Both side windows are fitted with Modernized Power Window lifts.

lamborghini miura sv for sale

Cass Nawrocki -
Nawrocki Fabricating MN, USA
Performed SV Body Conversion and Restoration

Cass Nawrocki has a Lifetime of experience doing metal fabrication and is a true Artisan. In 2011 he released a new book to share his skills with the world.
Any Impossibility In Shaping Metal
auction lamborghini miura Cass wrote and published an instructional guide to pass down his Automobile Metal Fabrication Skills for all of those interested. Cass Nawrocki fabricated the Miura SV rear section to factory spec with flared fenders to fit the two inch wider rims and the updated SV Tail Lights. Cass also went over each section of the Lamborghini Miura's entire aluminum body. The latching systems for both front and rear body sections are updated to the Miura SV single release handle opening system. Both bonnets operate more smoothly then original equipment. The connection points between the aluminum body and the steel frame are insulated to prevent any electromagnetic corrosion. The doors, bonnets and body panel gap tolerances are all lined up correctly. The front bumper and grill section are fabricated from aluminum and steel as part of the conversion to the Miura SV. The headlight eyelashes are updated to the Miura SV style of headlamp. Restored to it's Original Color. View our Miura Specs page for More Information on Paint Codes. Attention to Details and the Finest Quality Aluminum Metal Fabrication are all part of this exceptional SV Conversion and Restoration.


SV Conversion - Engine Revisions - Suspension - Upgrades

YEAR: 1967     MODEL: Miura P400     CHASSIS # 3066    ENGINE #2583     ODOMETER: 25,000 Km - 15,534 Mi

VEHICLE CONDITION: Concours Condition Automobile

Work Performed by Cass Nawrocki - NAWROCKI FABRICATING MN, USA

Flared Fender Wells • SV Updated Tail Lights
SV HeadLights & Bezels • SV Front & Rear Grills
SV Front Parking Lights • SV Front & Rear Bumpers

Aluminum to Steel Body Braces Electromagnetic Insulated
Single Release Handle Opening System Front & Rear Bonnets
Front & Rear Bonnet Pivot Points Reinforced for Exact Fitment
Chrome Molding Around Windshield & Both Side Windows
Body Sections Line-Up & Body seam Gaps Perfected
All Aluminum Front & Rear Skinned Body Sections As Original

Work Performed by Bob Wallace - BOB WALLACE AUTO AZ, USA


Separate Engine & Gear Oiling Systems • Engine & Gear Oil Capacities Increased
Oil Sprayer Line Feed to Starter Gears • Oil Sprayer Line to Transfer Gears
Sump Baffles added inside Engine Oil Pan • Oil Pan Dropped 20mm
Complete Dry Sump Oiling System • External Cooler for Dry Sump
New Transmission Breather System


Both Heads Machined & De Burred
Manganese Bronze Valve Guides Installed
Seals Upgraded to Viton Oil Seals


Drive Gears Cross Drilled & Lightened
Drive Gears Balanced & Aligned


Fuel Pressure Tank Return System Installed
Regulated Fuel Pressure


Four Weber Tri-Carburetors Modified, Adjusted and Matched
Engine Oil X-Flow Breather System Enlarged


Timing Gears are Lightened & Balanced
Engine Cams Timing Adjusted
Upgraded Wiring & New Ignition Wires


Upgraded SV Upper Control Arms - Front & Rear
Upgraded SV Lower Control Arms Front & Rear
New Springs, Adjustable CoilOvers Front & Rear
New Koni Shocks Front & Rear - All New CV Joints
Reinforced Light Weight .09mm Steel Chassis
9 inch/228mm Campagnolo SV Deep Rims Rear
Avon Tyres, England, UK
ZZ Ultra High Performance
275/55/15 - Rear
225/65/15 - Front

Work Performed by Automotive Specialists - AZ, USA


New Double Insulated Rear Glass
New Front WindShield Glass with SV Chrome Molding
New Driver and Passenger Side Window Glass with SV Chrome Molding


All New Upgraded Wiring & Wiring Harnesses
Rocker Switches Over-Head Console
New SV HeadLights
New SV Parking Lights
New SV Tail Lights


New VIP Pleated Black Leather Interior
Scottish Bridge of Weir Leather Hyde's
Modernized Power Windows
Roof Mounted Switch Console
New Trunk Liner As Original


Vented 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Leather Steering Wheel
Locking Center Console
200 MPH Speedometer
Black Plate CA Car


lamborghini miura
Doing What's Right Always Wins, It Just Takes Longer

lamborghini miura specs
Visit Wikipedia For History About The Lamborghini Miura

* In January 2005 Automobili Lamborghini released the Official Total Number of Lamborghini Miuras Produced at Sant'Agata since 1963 excluding prototypes:

* Miura P400 - 275    •    * Miura P400S - 338    •    Miura P400SV - 150

Lamborghini Miura Concept Car Celebrates the Miuras' 40th Anniversary in 2006

In January 2006 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Miura, Automobili Lamborghini unveiled the Lamborghini Miura Concept Car, pictured below, a modern interpretation of the Lamborghini Miura by world famous Italian designer Walter de'Silva. In October 2011 to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Miura the Company organized a three day tour of Tuscany for Owners. View the short video below by Simon Kidston of Kidston S.A. Switzerland, who also went along for the ride. The Miura's 50th Anniversary is due to be celebrated sometime in 2016.

lamborghini miura

Miura 45th Anniversary 2011 Tuscany Tour by Simon Kidston

lime green lamborghini miura

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