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The photos of the 1970 Verde Green Lamborghini Miura S will vary slightly in color pending upon the visible light. The Miura P400S was photographed outside in daylight, under artificial light and under a combination of both natural and artificial light in order to try to capture the actual green color. The pictures of the Miura P400S were taken at different times during the three year restoration period. Professional Photographers find it somewhat difficult to shoot and capture on camera the true green non metallic color of the Miura Car. Flash bulbs can make the color appear yellow and due to the reflection turn out over exposed. The images of the Miura Cars on the Website are Not Photo Shopped. The photos are cropped and some of the backgrounds have been cleaned up or blurred. The actual images of the Miura Car are Not altered and are the original photographs taken. The photos and images shown are a very accurate representation of the true green color of the Miura, Verde, aka Lime Green. Thank You for visiting the Website.

lamborghini engine

Miura S - V-12 Engine Upgrades

The 1970 Lamborghini Miura S Off-Frame restoration is completed. The V12 Engine has been Upgraded to the SV Specifications. Upgrades include improved overall engine performance, reliability and driver safety features that were offered by Lamborghini Automobili on the SV Models. See Miura Specs for a complete list of those upgrades.


lamborgnini miura
The 1970 Lamborghini Miura S is painted its original paint color, Lamborghini Verde Green
lamborghini miura s
The Lamborghini Miura Super Car. After 50 Years, Still remains One of The Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built in The World
A complete off-frame restoration, begins returning the Miura S back to its original brand new factory condition including any Mechanical upgrades Lamborghini had made to the Model SV
restored lamborghini miura
The Miuras Three Section Body, hinged at the front & rear frame, often referred to as an open Clam Shell
miura p400s
All New Front and Rear Vented Rotors, Calipers, & Pads. New Koni Coil Overs, Control Arms & Steering Components
lamborghini miura restoration
Engine and Power Train SV Revisions by Bob Wallace, former Development Test Car Driver for Lamborghini
restored lamborghini miura
Power Train Gears Lightened and Balanced, Timing Gears Lightened and Balanced, Cam Timing adjusted and dialed in
p400s miura
Brand New Factory Original Bulbs, Gaskets and Lenses Installed all the way around the P400S
restored green lamborghini miura
Under Carriage protection from front to rear. Better air flow, preserves parts and keeps out the unwanted elements
lamborghini miura p400s
New Quality Leather Interior & Dash of the P400S Miura restored to factory. Concours Condition
restored miura
New Black Leather Interior, Power Windows, Over-Head Rocker Switch Console
miura p400s restoration
Perfect Paint Color Cut-In Lines on each Body Section to black chassis
restored lamborghini miura s