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Year 1952       Chassis Number 679407       Body Number J1411       Engine Number W 4317-8

About The Jaguar XK-120

The Jaguar XK-120 was manufactured by Jaguar between 1948 and 1954. It was Jaguars first sports car since 1940. The 120 in the name referred to the aluminium cars 120 mph top speed which made it the worlds fastest production car at the time of its launch. In 1949 the first production roadster was delivered to Clark Gable. The XK-120 was ultimately available in two open versions, first as an open 2 seater, OTS for open two seater, then also as a drophead coupé DHC from 1953 and as a closed or fixed head coupé FHC from 1951. In 1950 and 1951, at a banked oval track in France, XK-120 roadsters averaged over 100 mph for 24 hours and over 130 mph for an hour, and in 1952 a fixed head coupé took numerous world records for speed and distance when it averaged 100 mph for a week.

The first roadsters, hand built with aluminium bodies on ash frames mounted on modified Jaguar Mark V chassis, were constructed between late 1948 and early 1950. To meet demand, and beginning with the 1950 model year, all subsequent XK-120 Jaguars were mass produced with pressed steel bodies. They retained aluminium doors, bonnet, and boot lid. The DHC and FHC versions, more luxuriously appointed than the roadsters, had wind up windows and also wood veneers on the dashboard and interior door caps. In addition to wire wheels, upgrades on the Special Equipment, or SE, version (called the M version in the United States) included increased power, stiffer suspension and a dual exhaust system. On cars fitted with optional centre lock wire wheels (available from 1951), the spats were omitted as they gave insufficient clearance for the chromed, two eared Rudge Whitworth knockoff hubs. Thank You for visiting the Website.

Jaguar XK-120 For Sale

Concours Restoration of a 1952 Jaguar XK-120 Fixed Head Coupe is complete and the vehicle is for sale. Upgrades include a Tremack 5 Speed Transmission, Wilwood Disc Brakes Front and Rear, New Stiffer Suspension, Heavy Duty Extra Wide Aluminum Radiator, Polished Stainless Steel Headers and an All Stainless dual exhaust system. The Jaguar XK-120 is also fitted with a Guy Broad Pedal Box which moves forward the clutch and brake pedals allowing adjustment for taller drivers to comfortably drive the vehicle.


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jaguar xk120
Jaguar XK-120, British Racing Green, Leather Interior, Wood Dash and Genuine Wire Wheels
jaguar xk120 roadster

restored jaguar xk120
Polished Stainless Steel Headers turn a Golden Color when heated by the exhaust and match the engine Beautifully
jaguar xk120 for sale
Wilwood Disc Brakes Front and Rear, Stainless Steel Brake Lines and All New Suspension components
jaguar xk120 restoration
FHC Upgrades included Biscuit Leather Interior, Wilton Wool Carpet, Original Wood Dash & Wood Door Caps. All Original Instrumentation
jaguar xk120
Modern Tremack 5-Speed Transmission. Guy Broad Pedal Box allowing adjustment of the clutch and brake pedals.
restored jaguar xk120

xk120 jaguar for sale
Heavy Duty Extra Wide All Aluminum Tig Welded Radiator provides efficient engine cooling
restored xk120 jaguar
Classy Leather Wrapped Leaf Springs. All Stainless Exhaust Pipes and Muffler
jaguar xk120

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